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The Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Oral Radiology- A review

Authors Sourav Bose, Jaideep Sur, Fatima Khan, Deeplaxmi Dewangan , Dmitry Tuzoff, Md Tafique Raza, Ayesha Roul, Ekta Sawriya
Abstract Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a revolution in the area of technology that is seeing fast progress. AI has been at the center of discussion among radiologists.Common fiction has always depicted the farfetched risks of AI but the element of truth is that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we work in the twenty first century. Since its formation, dentistry has seen some of its impressive accomplishments. Dentists will be comfortable with this technology because the future of dentistry must certainly require the introduction of its multiple technologies and the computer generated expertise of specialists in automated dental radiographic analysis. Automation may help to save time and enhance the procedures. Although AI cannot substitute the position of dentist or oral-radiologist, the precise and efficient analysing of radiographic images by artificial neural networks provides interesting diagnostic possibilities for the future and would definitely be an important part of oral radiology.
Year 2020
Month October
Volume 9
Issue 4
Published On 31 Oct 2020
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