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Lizard tail as unconventional addiction: Case Report

Category: CASE_STUDY
Authors: Shobhit Kumar Prasad, Piyush Verma, Priti Singh, Rajiv Gupta
Abstract:The scientific literature regarding use of reptiles for purpose getting high are sparse, and mainly from developing countries.During conditions like non-availability of drugs or other substances of abuse, there can be propensity for using alternative forms of substances like reptiles or insects, which is determined by a milieu of factors, like personality profiles, socio-cultural milieus, availability and accessibility of substance and co-morbid psychopathology. We present a case of alcohol and cannabinoid dependence syndrome with dissocial traits admitted in a state drug-deaddictioncenter, PGIMS Rohtak describing the use of tail of Indian lizard to get high when there was non-availability of cannabis and alcohol in jail.
Year: 2019
Month: October
Volume: 8
Issue: 4
Published on: 24-10-2019