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FNAC as a diagnostic tool for Tuberculouslymphadentitis at peripheral health institutions

Authors: V.K.Srivastava, Pooja Jaiswal, P.Tandon
Abstract:Background:Tuberculosis is a common and important public health problem in India. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) is very easy, simple, quick,cheap and specific method for diagnosis of Tuberculous Lymphadenitis. The objective of this study was to study the diagnostic yield of FNAC for diagnosis of Tuberculous Lymphadenitis by ZN staining and Cytopathological characteristics.Material and Methods: Present study was a retrospective study. FNAC/ aspiration was done in cases of superficial lymphnodes / abscess were analysed for diagnostic yield of Tuberculous etiology by ZN staining and cytopathological characteristics.Results: A total of 136 cases of superficial lymphadenitis presenting as solid swelling or abscess were subjected to FNAC examination. Smears were prepared from the aspirated material. Two separate slides prepared, stained with Giemsa and ZN stain. Total of 73 cases (53.67%) slides showed evidences suggestive of Tuberculous etiology out of which 33 (45.2%) were found AFB positive on ZN stain. One AFB positive (not included as AFB positive in the analysis of results) slide was suggestive of Mycobact.leprae as confirmed by Fite stain.Conclusion: FNAC is a simple, safe, quick and cheap method to establish the diagnosis. Procedure is very safe, easy and can be performed by any doctor of PHI. Demonstration of AFB in the smear gives a bacterilogically confirmed diagnosis very quickly. Cytological examination can further improve the diagnostic yield without bacteriological confirmation.
Year: 2019
Month: July
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
Published on: 02-08-2019