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Splenic volume in a malaria endemic region using ultrasound

Authors: Njeze N R, Ibezim E O
Abstract:Introduction: Malaria is a menace in the tropics and majority of changes related to it involve the blood, blood forming system, spleen and liver. This study aims to determine splenic size (volume) in adults in a malaria endemic area, and compare the findings with those in a malaria non endemic area. Materials and methods: a prospective study was carried out on 267 adults (141 females and 126 males) using a Siemens Sonoline SL-250 ultrasound machine to measure the splenic dimensions. Data analysis was done using SPSS 16 software.Results: The splenic volume increased between the ages of 20 and 59 years with subsequent decrease in both sexes. The correlation between the splenic size and age is statistically poor. The average splenic volume was 259.4cm3. Female subjects had a greater average splenic dimensions than males, however, this was not statistically significant p>0.05. Conclusion: There is a weak positive correlation of splenic volume with age in this study. This is unlike other studies which showed no significant difference in adult splenic volume in our communities as elsewhere. The normative values for adult splenic volume in Enugu referral region have been defined by this study.
Year: 2019
Month: April
Volume: 8
Issue: 2
Published on: 30-04-2019