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Working towards Universal Health Coverage through the Family Doctor Concept in Malaysia

Authors: Safurah J, Nor Asiah M, Normi M, MuhamadIrfanYasin AU, Subashini A, Nazrila HN, Ruziaton H, Sarmiza S, Zaleha J, Norlizah P, Rokiah M, TP.Zaharah TB,Noor Aliza L, Noridah S
Abstract:Introduction: Health care transformation is crucial for developing nation like Malaysia to ensure a commensurate health system of higher quality and safety. Family Doctor Concept (FDC) was piloted to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Malaysia. This concept is a way to strengthen primary healthcare service and a commitment of achieving ‘One Family One Doctor’ that provides comprehensive service throughout the life-course. FDC offers proactive approach to register members of the population with the purpose of capturing all members of the population within the operational service areas and providing personalized care. This article aims to describe the implementation of FDC, a model for delivery of Primary Health Care (PHC), and the initial results and experiences of this pilot implementation.Methods: Phase of implementation from two health clinics showed pre and post health performance indicators of FDC. The process of implementation involved motivating the staff, creating staff registry, mapping and rearranging, infrastructure reorganization, zoning, registration, engaging, profiling and provision of longitudinal and holistic care to the clients and population.Results: There were promising improvements in coverage and clinical performance of the doctor-team through the provision of a more holistic longitudinal care with greater ownership and ultimate mission of working towards universal health coverage. Conclusion: The FDC may be seen as a simplified approach towards achieving UHC but is certainly a definitive effort to ensure every member of the population within the operational area will be signed up to a doctor team. KEYWORDS:family doctor, Malaysia, health care service, one family one doctor, universal health coverage.
Year: 2018
Month: July
Volume: 7
Issue: 3
Published on: 18-07-2018