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Awareness and Practice of Computer Ergonomics among University Students

Authors Nisha Shantakumari, Rasha Ali Eldeeb, Jayadevan Sreedharan, Kumaraguruparan Gopal
Abstract Objective: Improper use of computers results in a variety of health disorders, hence the knowledge of ergonomics is very essential while using computers. Nevertheless, there is insufficient knowledge about the relationship between knowledge and actual practice of ergonomic principles among today’s students. The aim of this study was to investigate the awareness and practice of computer ergonomics among university students in Ajman. The attitude of the students towards formal training session on ergonomics was also surveyed. Methods:The survey was conducted with a self administered questionnaire administered to 389 University Students studying in Ajman. Results: Only 44% of the population surveyed was aware of computer ergonomics .The students who had read documents on ergonomics put the principles into practice when compared to those who had formal training sessions. Conclusions: There is a need to improve the knowledge of ergonomics among university students and to determine the most effective ergonomic strategy to enhance their knowledge and practice of ergonomics More research is needed however to determine the most effective ergonomics intervention for university students KEYWORDS: Ergonomics, Awareness, Computer, University students
Year 2012
Month October
Volume 1
Issue 4
Published On 14 Oct 2012
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