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Socioeconomic Factors Associated With Cholesterol Monitoring Among Patients with Hyperlipidemia; Application of The Andersen Behavioral Model

Authors: Abdullah Althemery, Leanne Lai, Abdullah Alfaifi
Abstract:Introduction: The National Cholesterol Education Program advices that adults with high blood cholesterol monitor their lipid profile at least once every two years. The study aimed to exam the association of socioeconomic factors and blood cholesterol monitoring. Methods: This study conducted cross-sectional secondary data analyses using 2011 Medical Expenditures panel Survey (MEPS). Study sample consisted of US. civilian, non-institutionalized adults who reported having high blood cholesterol. Cholesterol monitoring identified by patient’s self-report. Series of descriptive statistics and weighted logistic regression analyses were used to evaluate the association between socioeconomic factors, identified by Andersen Behavioral Model, and cholesterol monitoring. SAS 9.3 statistical software was used for all analyses including sample weights and standard errors adjustments. Results: Approximately 71 million patients reported having high blood cholesterol in 2011. 3,611,273 patients did not monitor their blood cholesterol levels as recommended by the NCEP. Most of the respondents were between 65 to 85 years old. Race groups other than White and Black were significantly associated with less likelihood of following the NCEP\'s recommendation (OR: 0.582; 95% CI: 0.381–0.889). Compared to insured patients, uninsured patients were less likely to utilize cholesterol monitoring as recommended (OR: 0.358; 95% CI: 0.251–0.511). Conclusions: The study found a significant race difference in the report of blood cholesterol monitoring. Also insurance status was another factor in blood cholesterol monitoring. Increase awareness of cholesterol monitoring for minority groups and finding inexpensive alternatives for cholesterol monitoring for uninsured would help patients utilizing preventive care services for blood cholesterol. KEYWORDS: Cholesterol monitoring, Andersen Behavioral Model, MEPS
Year: 2015
Month: April
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Published on: 14-04-2015