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Upper Lip Submucosal Swelling – A Case Report

Category: CASE_STUDY
Authors: A. Fazeela Farzana, Kirty R. Nandimath, Venkatesh G. Naikmasur, Krishna N. Burde, Kaveri Hallikeri
Abstract:Pleomorphic adenoma, also called benign mixed tumor, is the most common tumor of the salivary glands. Most of the Pleomorphic adenoma occurs at the parotid gland (85%) and the submandibular gland (8%). Intraoral Pleomorphic adenoma accounts for only 7%, which commonly involve the palate,uncommonly upper lip or buccal mucosa.This case report describes a rare and unusual lesion found in an older female, which was diagnosed as pleomorphic adenoma of the minor salivary glands in the upper lip. The tumor was a circumscribed, submucosal nodule, about 3x2cm in diameter and characterized by slow growth and firm in consistency. Complete excision was performed and the histopathological analysis showed an epithelial salivary gland tumor with islands of plasmacytoid cells, duct-like structures, in a variable stroma with chondroid, fibrous and myxoid appearance. The tumor did not recur. A brief review of the relevant literature is also presented. KEYWORDS: Benign salivary gland tumour; Pleomorphic adenoma; Salivary gland
Year: 2015
Month: January
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Published on: 14-01-2015