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Clinical Implication of Pseudohyperkalemia in Patients With Leukocytosis - A Case Report

Authors Darapu H, Supriya Koya, Paluri R
Abstract Potassium has critical role in cellular homeostasis. Hyperkalemia is a potentially life threatening electrolyte imbalance that needs to be addressed promptly to avoid imminent complications. Sometimes its diagnosis is complicated by factitious elevations in serum potassium levels that were clinically unexplained. Since the workup of pseudohyperkalemia consumes valuable health resources and can affect patient safety, it is essential to identify the variables causing this. The following case report emphasizes the need to recognize pseudohyperkalemia in patients with leukocytosis. KEYWORDS: Pseudohyperkalemia, leukocytosis, hyperkalemia.
Year 2014
Month July
Volume 3
Issue 3
Published On 15 Jul 2014
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